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[unknown]The Dreaming Tree - Henk

Downloads: 26
[unknown]Shore Leaves - Henk

Downloads: 26
[audio]Henk - Silence The Voices In My Head [onmp212] - Henk
2nd album by Henk on ON-Mix Music. Silence The Voices In My Head. The songs mark a darker period in my life. Disturbing and not at ease at all. Dark and obscure drones and samples have been used for the songs. Performed & produced by Henk.
Keywords: ambient; industrial; idm; henk; silence the voices in my head; mp3; free download; on-mix music; album
Downloads: 135
[unknown]Phantasma Digitalis - Henk

Downloads: 21
[image]MenschMaschinenInterface - Henk

Downloads: 30
[movies]Tuin mei 2009 - Henk Polie
Mijn bloeiende tuinplanten in mei 2009. Met uitleg van de plant namen die nu in de bloei staan.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Polygons in billiard orbits - Henk Don
We study the geometry of billiard orbits on rectangular billiards. A truncated billiard orbit induces a partition of the rectangle into polygons. We prove that thirteen is a sharp upper bound for the number of different areas of these polygons.
[audio]Spaarlamp - Henk Polie
Spaarlampen bevatten kwikzilver en zijn daar om gevaarlijk als zij stuk vallen daar er kwikdampen vrijkomen die zeer giftig zijn.
Keywords: kwik; dampen; gevaarlijk; giftig
Downloads: 81
[movies]Tuin en Milieu - Henk Polie
Podcasting over tuin en Milieu
Keywords: tuin, vergif, planten, heesters, sierstruiken
Downloads: 60
[audio]Heesters-vermeerderen - Henk Polie
Het vermeerderen van heesters
Keywords: noncommercial
Downloads: 25
[audio]There ain't no law - Henk Harmsen
There ain't no law (it could be in your head ;-) ) there ain't no truth, but inside your head you dream you dreams and keep on believing that your dream wil come out this night you ain't that hurt, now, don't be silly now and then he cried: 'there was no know how to live my life, they told me she'd never she never would vry out for more'
Keywords: insecurity, young, maturity
Downloads: 27
[audio]Don't drop the snow - Henk Harmsen
a fairy tale about a king and a anxious queen sunny was shining along on new days and dawnings comes the king your highness, don't drop the snow winter was cold as the queen searched for shelter and cried, cried: o Harry, dont' drop the snow!
Keywords: poetic, symphonic, rock, pop
Downloads: 52
[audio]Sarajewo - Henk Harmsen
Before I forget you, Sarajewo, I would forget my right hand Open your heart for Sarajewo snow flocks fall on blood soaked streets in the heart of Sarajevo
guns spit fire, hate and death from the hills of Sarajevo
Cain kills his brother while we all sit by and watch
 don’t loose your heart in Sarajevo New York, Belfast, Sebrenica, Auschwitz, Jerusalem
ethnic fights, religious war: the legacy of Abraham
hate-filled minds will never ease unless we’ll force them to
 don’t loose you...
Keywords: war, Sarajewo, brotherhood, Auschwitz
Downloads: 64
[audio]Rook_is_gifig - Henk Polie
Brand geeft rook en rook is altijd gevaarlijk. Rook is schadelijk omdat er te weinig zuurstof en te veel koolmonoxide in zit om goed te kunnen ademen.
Keywords: rook; brand; preventie
Downloads: 25
[audio]stratenmakers - Henk Polie
Stratenmakers en hun werkzaamheden met giftige stoffen
Keywords: stratenmakers; giftigestoffen; trilplaat
Downloads: 20
[audio]Beyond Doubts - henk Harmsen
the search for lifetime of a tramp odd or even they’ve got his number, they know he’s out of count good or bad they’ve seen his appearance they’re sure he’s homeward bound I’ll be back I’ve been away far too long I long for home I know that I’ll be back day or night they’ve seen him this moment they know he’s out of time right or wrong they’re not quite sure whether his deeds were mercy or crime I’ll be back I’ve been away far too long I long for home I know that I’ll...
Keywords: going home, always on the road
Downloads: 48
[audio]Februari_tuinklusjes - Henk Polie
Tuin klusjes in de maand februari
Keywords: februari
Downloads: 31
[audio]tuinklusjes - Henk Polie
Tuin klusjes in januari
Keywords: tuin; terras; bomen; narcissen
Downloads: 22
[audio]giftigeplanten - Henk Polie
Planten die giftig zijn
Keywords: nocommercal
Downloads: 15
[texts]Mapping the dark matter using weak lensing - Henk Hoekstra
Weak gravitational lensing of distant galaxies by foreground structures has proven to be a powerful tool to study the mass distribution in the universe. The advent of panoramic cameras on 4m class telescope has led to a first generation of surveys that already compete with large redshift surveys in terms of the accuracy with which cosmological parameters can be determined. The next surveys, which already have started taking data, will provide another major step forward...
Downloads: 3
[audio]Als ze met verhalen komen (Hans Willers) - Henk Harmsen
Als ze met verhalen komen. Een liedje tegen de oorlog. Geschreven als protest tegen de 2e golfoorlog
Keywords: iran; irak; golfoorlog; oorlog; vrede
Downloads: 139
[audio]Abende in Zürich, 17.03.2006 - Henk Goorhuis
Audio- Mitschnitt in mp3; entrauscht
Keywords: freisein; henk; goorhuis; meditationsabende
Downloads: 146
[movies]Tuin: bloeiende tuinplanten begin april - Henk Polie
Bekijk en luister deze Video over mijn achtertuin en zie wat er nu in mijn tuin in de bloei staat. Let ook op de vogel geluiden op de achtergrond daar die hier ook genoeg aanwezig zijn, om dat die ook dol zijn op een milieu vriendelijke tuin.
Keywords: tuin; tuinplanten; tulpen
Downloads: 127
[audio]Begin-maart-2008 - Henk Polie
Wekzaamheden begin maart 2007
Keywords: tuin; planten; bollen
Downloads: 49
[movies]Henk Polie zijn bloeiende tuinplanten op: 10 november 2009 - Henk Polie
Mijn achter tuin met alles wat er nu nog bloeid op 10 november 2009 met vermelding van de meeste planten namen die nu nog in de bloei staan. Kijk voor meer informatie op http://tuinkalender.wordpress.com
Keywords: bloemen; lupiennen; passiebloemen
Downloads: 16
[movies]Tuin Video 18 juni 2010 - Henk Polie
Mijn achtertuin en zijtuin met alles wat er nu in de bloei staat. Kijk voor meer informatie op: http://tuinkalender.wordpress.com
Keywords: tuin; flowers
Downloads: 16
[texts]Homeomorphic restrictions of unimodal maps - Henk Bruin
Examples are given of tent maps $T$ for which there exist non-trivial sets $B \subset [0,1]$ such that $T:B \to B$ is a homeomorphism.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Free planes in lattice sphere packings - Martin Henk
We show that for every lattice packing of $n$-dimensional spheres there exists an $(n/\log_2(n))$-dimensional affine plane which does not meet any of the spheres in their interior, provided $n$ is large enough. Such an affine plane is called a free plane and our result improves on former bounds.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Comparison of weak lensing masses and X-ray properties of galaxy clusters - Henk Hoekstra
We present measurements of the masses of 20 X-ray luminous clusters of galaxies at intermediate redshifts, determined from a weak lensing analysis of deep archival R-band data obtained using the Canada-France-Hawaii-Telescope. Compared to previous work, our analysis accounts for a number of effects that are typically ignored, but can lead to small biases, or incorrect error estimates. We derive masses that are essentially model independent and find that they agree well with measurements of the v...
Downloads: 2
[texts]The effect of distant large scale structure on weak lensing mass estimates - Henk Hoekstra
We quantify the uncertainty in weak lensing mass estimates of clusters of galaxies, caused by distant (uncorrelated) large scale structure along the line of sight. We find that the effect is fairly small for deep observations (20
Downloads: 2
[texts]Weak lensing constraints on galaxy halos - Henk Hoekstra
Weak gravitational lensing has become an important tool to study the properties of dark matter halos around galaxies, thanks to the advent of large panoramic cameras on 4m class telescopes. This area of research has been developing rapidly in the past few years, and in these proceedings we present some results based on the Red-Sequence Cluster Survey, thus highlighting what can be achieved with current data sets...
Downloads: 3
[image]Alle 40 Goed - Henk Wijngaard

Downloads: 70
[texts]How well can we determine cluster mass profiles from weak lensing? - Henk Hoekstra
Weak gravitational lensing provides a direct way to study the mass distribution of clusters of galaxies at large radii. Unfortunately, large scale structure along the line of sight also contributes to the lensing signal, and consequently affects the measurements. We quantify the effect of distant uncorrelated large scale structure on the inferred mass profile of clusters as measured from weak lensing...
Downloads: 1
[texts]The effect of imperfect corrections of PSF anisotropy on cosmic shear measurements - Henk Hoekstra
Current measurements of the weak lensing signal induced by large scale structure provide useful constraints on a range of cosmological parameters. However, the ultimate succes of this technique depends on the accuracy with which one can correct for the effect of the Point Spread Function (PSF). In this paper we examine the accuracy of the PSF anisotropy correction using images of fields with a large number of stars...
Downloads: 1
[audio]Cry, ye daughter of Sion - Henk Harmsen
cry for freedom, based on the prophets and song of songs she's crying, she's dieing for you
don't you leave her
but come and console her
she's broken
so lonely knows no way
day by day
she's fleeing for someone
afraid to stop, o, run,
run angel
run, hurry cry, ye daughter of Sion cry, little angel cry
die, little angel die
for moments of ideal
for poems of ideal
he soon will come
very, very soon cry, ye daughter of Sion
Keywords: love song, desire, hope, sadness
Downloads: 55
[texts]Successive Minima and Lattice Points - Martin Henk
The main purpose of this note is to prove an upper bound on the number of lattice points of a centrally symmetric convex body in terms of the successive minima of the body. This bound improves on former bounds and narrows the gap towards a lattice point analogue of Minkowski's second theorem on successive minima. Minkowski's proof of his second theorem is rather lengthy and it was also criticised as obscure...
Downloads: 4
[image]Het Allermooiste Van - Henk Wijngaard

Downloads: 149
[image]De spannende verhalen van Ome Henk - Ome Henk

Downloads: 222
[texts]Karaibs - Nederlands woordenboek - Courtz, Henk

Keywords: Carib Orthography; car
Downloads: 217
[image]Laat Mij Alleen - Henk Damen

Downloads: 137
[texts]New methods to bound the critical probability in fractal percolation - Henk Don
Fractal percolation has been introduced by Mandelbrot in 1974. We study the two-dimensional case, with integer subdivision index M and survival probability p. It is well known that there exists a non-trivial critical value p_c(M) such that a.s. the largest connected component in the limiting set K is a point for p 0.881 and p_c(3)>0.784. For the upper bounds, we introduce the idea of classifications...
Downloads: 4
[image]Puur Liefde - Henk Bernard

Downloads: 271
[image]Geniet - Henk Bernard

Downloads: 146
[texts]Die Frage in der altenglischen Dichtung: Eine syntaktische Studie - Otto Henk, Otto C. F . Henk
Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of California and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Downloads: 50
[texts]On some common misconceptions regarding the "Ergodic Hierarchy" - Henk van Beijeren
The well-known ergodic hierarchy of sheerly ergodic, mixing, Kolmogorov and Bernoulli systems, with each next level supposedly encompassing the previous one, is shown to be too simplistic in its usual formulation. A K-system can be sheerly ergodic and sometimes may be reduced to a sheerly mixing system by some simple projection. More precise characterizations of ergodic properties of dynamical systems should start out from a consideration of the full Lyapunov spectrum.
Downloads: 2
[texts]Equilibrium states for interval maps: the potential $-t\log |Df|$ - Henk Bruin
Let $f:I \to I$ be a $C^2$ multimodal interval map satisfying polynomial growth of the derivatives along critical orbits. We prove the existence and uniqueness of equilibrium states for the potential $\phi_t:x\mapsto -t\log|Df(x)|$ for $t$ close to 1, and also that the pressure function $t \mapsto P(\phi_t)$ is analytic on an appropriate interval near $t = 1$.
[texts]Bernoulli measure of complex admissible kneading sequences - Henk Bruin
Iterated quadratic polynomials give rise to a rich collection of different dynamical systems that are parametrized by a simple complex parameter $c$. The different dynamical features are encoded by the \emph{kneading sequence} which is an infinite sequence over $\{0,\1\}$. Not every such sequence actually occurs in complex dynamics. The set of admissible kneading sequences was described by Milnor and Thurston for real quadratic polynomials, and by the authors in the complex case...
[texts]Return time statistics for invariant measures for interval maps with positive Lyapunov exponent - Henk Bruin
We prove that multimodal maps with an absolutely continuous invariant measure have exponential return time statistics around a.e. point. We also show a `polynomial Gibbs property' for these systems, and that the convergence to the entropy in the Ornstein-Weiss formula has normal fluctuations. These results are also proved for equilibrium states of some Hoelder potentials.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Complex maps without invariant densities - Henk Bruin
We consider complex polynomials $f(z) = z^\ell+c_1$ for $\ell \in 2\N$ and $c_1 \in \R$, and find some combinatorial types and values of $\ell$ such that there is no invariant probability measure equivalent to conformal measure on the Julia set. This holds for particular Fibonacci-like and Feigenbaum combinatorial types when $\ell$ sufficiently large and also for a class of `long-branched' maps of any critical order.
Downloads: 1
[audio]Lezingen en discussie @ Underground versus Fascisme - Michael Schäffer & Henk Oosterling
Lectures by philosophers Michael Schäffer and Henk Oosterling on fascism, followed by a discussion with the audience, lead by Sonja Kobus. I've recognized the voices of Franz F. Feigl and Erik Hobijn... The Hague 1992. [aB]
Keywords: Michael Schäffer; Henk Oosterling; Underground versus Fascisme; Stichting Maldoror
Downloads: 14
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